My Vivere Salon Experience with Hairstylist Marie – Chinatown Mall Hair Transformation #VivereSalonChinatownMall

From Highlights to ashes.

Ladies, have you ever thought of bleaching your hair but too scared that it might damage your hair? Hesitate no more because Vivere Salon will help you achieve your dream hair color. I’ll be sharing with you my Vivere Salon Chinatown Mall experience.

I don’t always have a chance to have hair treatments due to busy work, errands and conflict of schedules. But when I do, I always wanted a new look just like every girls goal. We always desired to have the unique look that emodies our distinct personality.

Last month, it was a privilege for me to be chosen and experience Vivere Salon Hair Treatment in Lucky Chinatown Mall. It was overwhelming and exciting to try a new haircolor and haircut for the first time in Vivere Salon.


Upon entry to the salon, I was amazed of the sleek and modern vibe of the salon.

You will also be delighted because the staffs are very welcoming and accomodating. They also offer snacks and drinks during the process. Their fast wifi is also a plus factor.


1. Choosing the perfect hair color – Ms. Marie was my Senior Hair Stylist who would be doing my hair all through out and she was assisted by Ryan.

This is my hair before the treatment.

I previously had my light brown color with highlights which looks like rusty in the picture above. Ms Marie checked on my hair and asked few questions. You might also be wondering if i had my hair rebonded. But I am proud to say that I have a naturally thin and straight hair since birth.

I told Ms. Marie that I have two ideal hair colors in mind: burgundy or ash brown. And she chosed the ash brown color for me. She told me that ash brown will suit me better than the burgundy and because the red colors are hard to tone down unlike the ash brown.

2. Coloring the roots – hair stylists knows what is the best for their clients and I agreed to her suggestion of having an ash brown color. (I’m excited tho!)

They washed my hair and gave me a relaxing shampoo time. It was gentle and somehow relaxing.

And the dyeing begun! Ms Marie started with the roots. They matched the color of the roots to the color of the remaining hair for an equally colored hair.

3. The bleaching – to achieve that ash brown color, Ms Marie bleached my hair. I was really nervous! (Seriously) but excited on the other side. This is my first time i’d be bleaching my hair. 😮

The bleaching process was just quick as my hair easily reacts to the solution. I must say, there is nothing to be afraid of bleaching.

After some wash, tah-dah! This was the result of bleaching! We only had one layer because my hair is too thin already.

The solution was not too strong, it was a bit prickly but was bearable. The smell of the bleach is also nice, it didn’t irritated my nose.

I was also grateful to Ms Marie for being caring. She always asks me if the bleach was hurting a lot.

4. Toning down the bleach to desired color – after the bleaching process, i’m finally down to my last step! The application of the ash brown color! Yeay! 👏🏻

After coloring, we waited for 30minutes to set the color.

After the last wash, here’s now the final blower and some trim!

5. The finish product – now we’ll be unveiling the ash brown hair color we’re trying to achieve.

The Stylist Here with me is Ms. Marie and her assistant Ryan.

Kuddos to Vivere Salon Chinatown Mall for giving me an Unforgettable Salon Experience! I super love the hair color. ❤ So fresh and very kpop looking just as i wanted!

Vivere Salon is located at 3rd Level, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo, Manila near Hey Sugar Waxing Salon. For inquiries you can contact them at 254-4543 or reach them through their facebook page at For more info check on their website at

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