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Why blog?

Where do I start? 


Quick facts about me:

  • 22 yrs old
  • Business Ad graduate from FEU Manila
  • Residing in Bacoor, Cavite
  • Travel enthusiast
  • Food junkie
  • Art appreciator
  • Kdrama fan
  • I love Lee Min Ho
  • Extrovert Person

You might have wondered, “what convinced me to pursue this blog?”. Well, to be honest, I know this “blog” thing is not my forte (Yes, I admit it). This is not the usual me, being so organized in my thoughts to produce a good quality of content (I’m trying!!) But what persuaded me to start this blog is how it can develop a persons self esteem and creativity. It’s more of expressing one’s self freely while growing.

I previously read a blog posted in huffpost by Gary Dekmezian entitled “Why do people blog? The benefits of blogging” in which he cited a list of reason why people blog and its benefits.

Here is the list in Dekmezian’s blog:

  1. Express yourself and share your passions
  2. Share your knowledge
  3. Refine your writing skills
  4. Learn how to make money online
  5. Build your professional network
  6. Earn more exposure
  7. Become an authority in your industry
  8. Build an online portfolio
  9. Market your business

Bloggers create their own branding. They cater different styles of blogging according to their personal interests.

In my blog, i’d be featuring about:

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Anything under the sun

But i think i will be more particular in blogging about travelling. I’d be sharing my experiences in-and-out of the country places which i would be visiting/visited.

Watch out for my upcoming posts! ☺️


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