Ultimate Guide to Making Your Dirt Bike More Comfortable

If you find your ride to be uncomfortable, you are not alone. Most bikers tweak their bikes to suit their riding style. Search for dirt bike parts online to find what you need to make the adjustments. Here are some recommendations:

  • Get a softer seat. You can go with an aftermarket part or tear down the one you’ve got and rebuild it. Adding open cell high density foam to your current seat goes a long way to helping your nether parts.
  • Update your grips. Are they worn down? New ones will feel much better and reduce arm pump.
  • If you are short, lower the dirt bike. In the rear, adjust the rear suspension linkage. In the front, loosen the fork clamps and move the forks to the most comfortable height.
  • If you are tall, add bar risers or high bend bars. These can change the bike performance, however, so check that out before it’s a permanent solution.
  • Move the footpegs. Try different models that can be mounted lowed and further back. This can change the center of gravity, so try your ride before you commit.


The best dirt bike aftermarket part for adjustments is a top triple clamp with different positions. Then you can move the bars forward and open up your cockpit. Also try larger footpegs if you have bigger feet or are a taller rider. Not only is it more comfortable, it’s safer to have a bigger platform for your foot.


For shorter riders, there is another option to get the bike a little lower to the ground. You can get a smaller diameter rear rim, but you can also get a smaller wheel with less rubber. This may only get you an inch closer to the dirt, but sometimes that’s all you need. Search online today for the best OEM for motocross and find the parts that will help you enjoy the ride.

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