Escape with One Faber Group: A unique and seamless collection of leisure activities across faber peak

“One escapade, countless experiences” to encapsulate the new brand’s value proposition.

One Faber Group is a new lifestyle brand that operates Singapore’s only cable car network, the largest Merlion and the award‑winning multi-sensory night show set in the open sea. With the launch of the new brand, leisure products including Singapore Cable Car, Wings of Time, Sentosa Merlion, Faber Peak Singapore, Dusk Restaurant & Bar, Spuds & Aprons, Good Old Days, Show Bites, FUN Shop, Cable Car Gift Shops are now housed under One Faber Group.

An autonomous subsidiary of Sentosa Development Corporation, One Faber Group was soft launched in April 2017 to manage an expanded suite of leisure and lifestyle services including attractions, guided tours, event venues, souvenir and lifestyle outlets as well as F&B operations. As an autonomous commercial entity, One Faber Group has the flexibility to tailor its products for different consumer segments, and is focused on creating memorable guest experiences for its visitors, both local and overseas.

By offering a one stop leisure brand featuring a seamless journey across two destinations, One Faber Group offerings remain as a must-do for all tourists. On 19 January, One Faber Group proudly unveils a new brand video, a key visual and a brand tagline, One Escapade, Countless Experiences, to capture the brand’s value proposition.

“Singapore Cable Car has been a key part of the Singapore tourism landscape for four decades and it currently offers the only cable car dining experience in Asia,” said Ms Lim Suat Jien, Managing Director, Mount Faber Leisure Group. “Staying true to our brand tagline ‘One Escapade, Countless Experiences’, One Faber Group offers a variety of lifestyle options that are constantly renewed and refreshed, so that we stay relevant and continue to appeal to our local and overseas guests,” she added.


Featuring a seamless experience from day to night, the journey starts from Faber Peak at 100 metres above sea level, where guests continue their journey across Harbourfront to Sentosa on board the Singapore Cable Car with spectacular views of the Harbourfront and Sentosa. One Faber Group’s portfolio of products relaxes and recharges guests, to escape from the hustle and bustle of city living.

With a calendar of events to enhance guest experience and a focus to continually refresh its products, One Faber Group aims to be a lifestyle brand for guests to enjoy these unique Singaporean attractions; have a delightful meal and recall memories and create new ones. An array of unique offerings is designed to delight:

  • The newly opened Dusk Restaurant & Bar at Faber Peak is a unique hilltop restaurant in Singapore to experience the best sunset views, while patrons chill out over European Tapas, choice wines and Nitro-frostedcocktails.
  • Faber Peak Singapore, located 100-metre above sea level, offers spectacular hilltop views of the Harbourfront and Sentosa, and is home to Spuds & Aprons and Dusk Restaurant & Bar. For special events, venues such as The Ballroom, Private Dining Room and The Garden make this a top destination for bridal and corporate functions that require a scenic panorama.
  • Singapore Cable Car offers Asia’s only cable car dining experience since 1998 and had since been a popular romantic setting for many marriage proposals.
  • One Faber Group’s offerings are linked seamlessly by the Singapore Cable Car Sky Network of six stations on two main lines – the Mount Faber Line that connects mainland Singapore to the resort island of Sentosa, and the Sentosa Line that connects to the island’s western end at the Siloso Point.
  • The Sentosa Merlion, which turns 22 in 2018, is Singapore’s largest Merlion statue towering at 37-metres. It is the only sculpture that guests can step inside for an attraction experience, and ascend to the head gallery for a 360° view of Singapore’s southern shores.
  • The award‑winning Wings of Time on Sentosa Island is a multi-sensory night show set in the open sea, which combines water, laser and pyrotechnics into a visual extravaganza.



The Sentosa Merlion will be unveiling a refreshed attraction experience that features information on all Merlions in Singapore. It will feature interactive elements using Virtual Reality technology to enhance guest experience. Guests can expect to experience the enhanced Sentosa Merlion in Q2 2018.

In 2018, the Sentosa Line will feature a new cable car dining experience featuring a bento set, targeted at corporate and travel groups.


Celebrate special occasions with One Faber Group as they will be rolling out signature events for Valentine’s Day, festive year-end celebrations and many more. During the month of August, the Group will be launching a domestic campaign to celebrate Singapore’s birthday!


Please refer to Product Fact Sheets for details

ATTRACTIONS Sentosa Merlion | Singapore Cable Car | Wings of Time
DESTINATION Faber Peak Singapore
F&B OUTLETS Dusk Restaurant & Bar | Good Old Days | Spuds & Aprons | Show Bites
F&B CONCEPT Dining on Cloud 9 *Cable car dining in a cable car cabin* |

Singapore Delights onboard Singapore Cable Car

RETAIL OUTLETS Fun Shop | Cable Car Gift Shops
EVENT VENUES The Ballroom | Private Dining Room | Spuds & Aprons – The Garden


The One Faber Group logo captures the heritage of the group by featuring the elements of a mountain, sea and sun – where its collection of attractions is found. This includes Mount Faber, Wings of Time by the sea, and the iconic Singapore Cable Car in the sky, which has been part of Singapore’s leisure experience for four decades.

These elements possess a deeper meaning. Firstly, the graphic mountain of Faber Peak has a detailed shape and multiple shades of green to depict the biodiversity there. Secondly, the waves that sit below it show that the harbor and blue seas are not just part of the view, but an integral and accessible attraction of the brand experience.

Lastly, the sun that overlooks it all is captured in two shades of orange to represent sunrise and sunset. It signifies that there is something for everyone throughout the day. The white highlight resembles a smile to symbolize the happiness and warmth that radiates through the service staff.


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One Faber Group operates a suite of leisure and lifestyle services including attractions, guided tours, event venues, souvenir and lifestyle outlets as well as F&B operations. The company’s portfolio of products and services include the Singapore Cable CarWings of TimeSentosa MerlionFaber Peak Singapore, Spuds & ApronsDusk Restaurant & BarGood Old DaysShow Bites and FUN Shops, Cable Car Gift Shops and Faber Licence.

Spanning across the hilltop at Mount Faber and Sentosa Island, One Faber Group’s products are linked by the Singapore Cable Car Sky Network of six stations on two main lines – the Mount Faber Line that connects mainland Singapore to the resort island of Sentosa, and the Sentosa Line that connects to the island’s western end at the Siloso Point.

The Group offers a memorable experience for its guests, offering a delightful escape that spans from green hilltop to blue sea and sandy beach, with sunshine and happiness radiating through the warm service of its friendly staff. Its legal name remains as Mount Faber Leisure Group Pte Ltd, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sentosa Development Corporation and operates as an autonomous commercial arm. Visit for more information.

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