Villa Elma: Recreational Resort in Lucban, Quezon

If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay and relax this Lent Season, Villa Elma is the one for you!

Holy Week, for us Filipino’s is a time for recreation and meditation. A week to reflect at the same time relax and enjoy the holiday season.
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Villa Elma, located in the heart of Lucban, Quezon, is a 4hr drive from Manila. The resort is owned by Justice Magdangal Elma which was opened to the public last 2016. For 25 years, it used to be a private vacation home exclusive for the Elma Family.

Villa Elma Nature Park

As you enter the gates of Villa Elma, you will witness the beauty combined with nature. The cold breeze of air so different from the polluted air in Manila, those birds humming together in harmony, and those tall trees and plants side by side surrounding all over the place.
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A serene place to reflect and meditate
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A place of tranquility and calmness

The park is open 8:00 Am to 5:00pm from Monday to Sunday
Their day tour rate is only Php100.00 and children below 7 years old are FREE OF CHARGE!
Explore the nature and appreciate the scenic view down the hill. It’s 15-20 minutes walk to the Holy Trinity Statue. Be sure to bring a water with you coz It will be a long trail.
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Villa Elma’s own pilgrimage site
You will witness the religious icons and biblical structures sculptured by Eduardo Castrillo.
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the Batis
If you’d like to swim and have the courage to take a dip in the cold running water, just be sure to bring extra clothes with you!
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Be amazed by the scenic view as you continue your walk to the statue of Jesus Christ
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Villa Elma-3
Villa Elma-2
Inspired by the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. This Holy Trinity Statue is overlooking Mount Banahaw de Lucban and the town proper of Lucban, Quezon.
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Where to eat?

Villa Elma-33
Dining Hall
They also have a dining hall that you can use during your stay. You may opt to bring your own food or you can order in their cafe. What’s nice is, they won’t be charging you for a corkage fee.
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Elsa Cafe
The cafe is only open from Friday to Sunday.

Villa Elma Bed and Breakfast

Villa Elma has 7 available rooms in total: The Log Cabin, Tree House, Memorabilia, Master’s, Twin House, Glamping Tent, and Tent.
All their rooms are good for 2 persons.
Inclusive of the following:
-free breakfast
-complementary use of “batis”
Note: an additional charge Php350 person in excess of 2 persons.

Room Prices per night:

The Log Cabin: Php3,500.00
Maximum # of occupants: 8 pax
Tree House: Php2,800.00
Maximum # of occupants: 8 pax
Memorabilia: Php2,800.00
Maximum # of occupants: 12 pax
Master’s: Php2,300.00
Maximum # of occupants: 4 pax
Twin House: Php2,000.00
Maximum # of occupants: 5 pax
Glamping Tent: Php1,900.00
Maximum # of occupants: 8 pax
Tent: Php1,400.00
Maximum # of occupants: 8 pax
There are plenty of rooms to choose from. If you’re a nature lover and want to experience camping in a glamorous way, you may opt to stay at their glamping tent. But if you want a “hotel” feels, you can choose from their twin houses to their log cabin.
During our vacation, we chose to stay in their tree house. The room can accommodate up to 8 persons which are perfect for families or big groups. It was spacious and very cozy.  Feels just like home!
Villa Elma-12
Bedroom of Tree House
Villa Elma-13
Extra Mattress for additional guests
The room was airconditioned with a clean bathroom and a spacious veranda.
Villa Elma-16
The comfort room
Villa Elma-17
The Bathtub
Villa Elma-19
The Veranda
Villa Elma-24
Mini-Living Room

Quick Fact: When Ex-president Joseph Ejercito “Erap” Estrada visited Villa Elma, He also stayed in the Tree House.

Overall, we all loved and enjoyed our stay at Villa Elma. A place far from theexhilarating city. It is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss!

Don’t forget to bring your family/relatives and even your friends with you!
For more details, you may visit their website at or through their facebook page at
Contact details:
Address: A. Mabini St. Brgy. Palola, Lucban, Quezon

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