Beach Body Goals with Dermclinic NuShape

Summer is the season, men and women of all ages, is waiting for. A time to flaunt that beautiful body on the beach for that Instagram feed. Don’t worry because Dermclinic will help you achieve that Beach Body this summer!

Who is Dermclinic?

Dermclinic, established by Dr. Vinson B. Pineda in 1971, is one of the country’s largest chains of mall-based dermatological centers with 16 branches all over the Philippines. Dermclinic uses state of the art medical equipment and high-quality products to address Filipino skin and hair care needs.
Managed under the expertise of licensed dermatologists and highly-trained medical staff, Dermclinic uses state of the art medical equipment and high-quality products to address Filipino skin and hair care needs seven days a week.

5 Must Try Services

1. Intense Diamond Peel is recommended for those with dark spots, large pores, skin dullness, age marks and fine lines. The treatment uses a diamond-tipped wand to remove the impurities in the skin.
Price: Php3,000 per session
Branches: Selected Dermclinic branches
2. Contouring Facial a non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound technology or high-frequency sound waves which are sent deep below the skin to encourage the penetration of topical slimming product resulting in a tighter and more contoured skin. This treatment is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening and advised for clients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues
3. Underarm Botox (Hyperhidrosis) involves injecting toxins (Botox) in parts of the body to reduce excessive production of sweat. This treatment helps keep the skin dry and helps prevent body odor.
Price: Php20,000
Branches: All Dermclinic branches
4. NuLight a non-invasive and non-ablative procedure that inhibits hair growth on specific areas of the body such as the face, neck, chest and back, underarms, along with bikini lines, arms, thighs, and legs by using intense pulse light (IPL) to address various skin conditions. It reduces pigmentation, spider veins, heals acne scars, keloids and helps achieve an even lighter complexion.
Price: Php3,500 per session
Age: 25 years old and above
Branches: All Dermclinic branches
5. NuShape is a non-invasive scientific procedure that utilizes the latest in ultrasound technology known as cavitation. NuShape is supremely effective for eliminating fat in the body, reducing cellulite, and contouring the body shape. This is best partnered with the Thermaviv (Radio Frequency Treatment) service to tighten and firm the skin.
Price: Php5,000 per session
Age: 18 years old and above
Branches: SM Bacoor, SM Megamall, SM Manila, SM Mall of Asia, SM Dasmarinas, SM Bicutan, SM Cebu, Alabang Town Center and The Link Ayala Makati

My NuShape Experience

In my case, I’m not that “chubby” person, but it is every girl’s dilemma to have that big “puson” or lower abdomen. My friends and co-workers used to tease because of my big lower abdomen in which there was even a time when they asked me if I’m pregnant. Though I don’t get easily offended by their jokes, I know in myself that there is something I can do to myself to change what they see in me.
So, I will be sharing with you my NuShape by Dermclinic Experience. And yes, this will be my first time to try this treatment. Let’s Start!
Before the treatment, I was attended by a Doctor and introduced me to the procedure, discussed the benefits of the program and also gave a few reminders.

Pre and Post Treatment To-Do’s

  • Don’t undergo the procedure if you are on your menstrual period.
  • Don’t eat at least 1-2 hours before the treatment and at least 4 hours after the treatment

The Treatment

The treatment focused on my belly, and the nurse made some measurements in my waistline: Upper Naval, Naval and Lower Naval resulting to 74cm-82cm-82.3cm. (Note: Measurements were all made in centimeters)

A gel was placed on my tummy and the nurse started the treatment by massaging the belly using the LipoSlim Cavitation. The LipoSlim Cavitation targets the fat producing cells in the body and helps increase metabolism.

It’s painless! The equipment is a bit hot but can be reduced by adding gel to avoid redness of the skin after the treatment. Also, you will hear like a high-pitched noise during the procedure. The whole treatment lasts about at least 20 mins, in my case, 10 mins per side (left and right).

The treatment was ended with the application of the massage cream. Afterward, the nurse will again measure the waistline, and after my first session my measurements were 72cm-81cm-82.3cm

The Result

After completing my three sessions with Dermclinic while maintaining my diet, I am happy and proud to share with you the result of my NuShape Treatment! I lost 3 inches in my upper naval, 1.5 inches in my naval and almost an inch for my lower navel. Now I’m confident and ready to flaunt my body on the beach.

Before Treatment
74 cm
82 cm
82.3 cm
Session 1
72 cm
81 cm
82.3 cm
Session 2
69 cm
75 cm
83 cm
Session 3
66 cm
78 cm
80 cm
8 cm
4 cm
2.3 cm

Why should you try Dermclinic’s NuShape Treatment?

If you also want to get rid of those unwanted fat cells or want to tighten your skin and reduce sagginess, this treatment is for you! It was very challenging but very fulfilling to do! You can see and the feel results fast. Dermclinic NuShape is best when combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise (just like what I did). Aside from the waist, you can also try it in your upper arms, butt area, inner thighs, knees, and calves.

Head on to the nearest Dermclinic Branch in your place or Contact them at 817-FACE (3223).

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